We have been helping business owners, presidents, CEO’S, managers and staff improve execution since 1994.

If business strategy is determining where to go, then execution is flying the business in that direction and delivering a predetermined experience. Prior to any significant expansion geographically, or drawing significant awareness to the brand, it is essential that the core of the business be characterized by consistency and reliability in its brand promise. Of all the attributes that business leaders see leading to success, operational excellence is highest on their list. Operational excellence includes best-in-class design, manufacturing excellence, and an obsession with the customer. In addition, they feel that strong systematic planning, effective operational controls, ability to leverage their assets, and the ability to maintain low overhead are all required to be competitive. That is a boat-load. Doing these things constitutes the daily life of most employees. In reality, of course, the system does not always run as it is supposed to run. Despite its rational expectations, the system stumbles all the time. This is what operational excellence seeks to avoid, and it is in operations that every business, large or small, must succeed before it can even begin to think about competing as a brand.

At Departure our consultants bring together business and technology expertise to help our clients enhance enterprise performance, increase employee productivity, promote innovation and improve the customer experience.